eRoots Boutique Services

Available at Discounted Rates to All Subscribers.

eRoots Boutique Services

Available at Discounted Rates

to All Subscribers.

All creative and technical services can be requested directly through eRoots Pro software interface.

Concierge Onboarding

For a low cost, we can get you started on the right foot with our system. We'll work with you step by step to make sure it's working the way you need it to.

Logo & Branding

Do you currently have a logo but it’s not very reflective of your brand? How about a cohesive brand portfolio that you can use across all forms of media? If not, let’s create a unified branding kit!

Tailored Funnel Service

Sometimes all it takes is a simple update to make your funnel really stand out from the crowd! Let us take care of these updates with our Basic Tailored Service.

Tailored Website Service

Websites are your primary online presence. Make sure it's up to par, and selling your products and services within a professional context.

SEO Management

Maximize your online visibility and drive traffic to your website with our SEO management service, including keyword optimization, monthly reporting, and the creation of two written blogs per month. (3-months required)

SEO Audits

SEO is vital to the success of an online digital marketing strategy. If you aren’t sure if your current SEO is hitting the mark and helping you reach goals, our SEO Audit could be extremely beneficial.

Advertising Management

We do the work for you. Focusing on Facebook, we develop and execute a specific strategy based upon your specific performance indicator.

Advertising Audits

The audit consists of a 30-minute audit of the current scenario, and we will jump on a zoom call with you to provide practical applications and advice to improve ad performances.

YouTube Management

The ability to monetize your unique character and stories through YouTube is a potential windfall to many small businesses. We can assist with strategy, the creative process, and account management.

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail still has a place in marketing, and is much more effective if you know how to avoid creating the "junk" we all throw out. We can help determine the best ways to include it in your efforts.

Many other services available upon request.

Let's have a conversation.

eRoots Works For All Types of Business!

  • Dentists
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Mortgage
  • Real Estate
  • Roofing
  • Pest Control
  • Storage
  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • Pet Services
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Health & Fitness
  • Plumbing
  • Tradesmen
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Accountants
  • Legal

The Hustler

Refer 15 Customers & Make +$750/Mo Passively!

You're a hustler!

You're willing to go the extra mile and refer your fellow business owners to help them succeed... and get paid while doing it!

Once you refer 15 paying customers, you'll now take home an extra $750/mo completely passive! Just sit back and collect your check :)

What would an extra $750/mo do for you? Take care of your rent? Car payment? Help out with your mortgage? Help you save for your dream vacation?

The possibilities are endless! 💰

(Note: Only active monthly subscriptions are qualified for affiliate commissions.)

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