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Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM allows businesses to store customer data, track interactions and communication, and automate certain processes such as email marketing campaigns and sales follow-ups. By providing a centralized location for customer information, a CRM helps businesses improve communication, streamline processes, and ultimately, increase revenue by building stronger relationships with customers.

eRoots Pro Subscribers Enjoy
24/7 Built-In Tech Support

Including access to a free onboarding course and robust knowledge library.

Built-in Calendar with Appointment Setting

Calendar and appointment setting features help businesses schedule and manage meetings, calls, and other important events with clients and prospects..


Automations and Workflows

Automation and workflow tools in our CRM can help streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency in business operations. Never worry about the annoying stuff.

Social Media Planner

& Auto-Posting

Our social media planner and auto-posting feature can help streamline your social media strategy by allowing you to plan, schedule, and automatically post content across various social media platforms.

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